MP3 Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA 2011

Download mp3 soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA 2011 | Of course there are many ways to prepare yourself for your 2012 SMA final exam, especially the English listening section. There are, for example, many practice tapes and CD sets on the commercial market. While all of them are helpful to some degree, the one thing you can be sure is that studying the previous listening section test is the best way in doing so.

The good news is that you can download the mp3 soal Ujian Nasional Bahasa Inggris SMA 2011 for free. But of course it is not the only source you can take. In case you are willing to study more resources, here are some advices you can follow….

If you have access to an English-language radio or TV station, listen to it as often as possible. Believe me, you won’t regret it, as the benefits are many.

  • You become familiar with a wide variety of accents and individual ways of speaking
  • You get the rhythms of spoken English sentences in your ear
  • You become more familiar with the way native speakers pronounce English words
  • You start to hear word patterns and notice the way English sentences are put together
  • You begin to learn new vocabulary by hearing it in context
  • You simply become accustomed to the sound of spoken English, which may be the single most important thing of all

English radio and TV talk shows give you good exposure to the way native speakers – not English teacher – actually use the language. They familiarize you with slang and other colloquialisms.

English radio and TV news programs give you great background for the multiple-voice, nonacademic setting section of the listening test, which often uses a mock radio broadcast. Hearing up to four different individuals talk about the same incident from different personal perspectives, in different acoustical situations, and in a variety of accents (including those of second-language speakers) is exactly the kind of training you need to perform well on this portion of the test, which some candidates find the hardest.

Watching English, Australian, American, and other movies in English – in any format – is also highly useful in giving you exposure to the way “real people” speak English. As with all languages, it’s not the same as classroom English.

If you see such movies in the theatre, try to look at the subtitles as little as possible. If you watch them on DVD, watch them once with subtitles, so you learn the situations and dialogue – and then switch the subtitles off and watch them again and again, until you can understand what is being said without “translating.” Many local cable-TV providers show movies many times over the same time period. If you have access a movie channel on such a service, get the schedule, watch the movies you want once with the subtitles – and then, on repeat viewings, tape over the bottom of your TV screen so you cannot use the subtitles.

What’s important is that you expose yourself to the sound of spoken English as much as possible between now and the time you take your English final exam. Use time that you otherwise might waste. When you’re getting dressed or eating breakfast in the morning, have the radio or TV on, set to an English station. If you are doing tasks that don’t require your full attention, like cooking or cleaning your room, have the radio or TV on in the background. If you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, turn the car radio onto an English news or talk station.

Of course, you will benefit more the more you concentrate on what you hear. But even if you don’t focus on what you hear only, trying to understand what is being said, simply letting the sounds into your ears will help. Educators are now convinced that there is such a thing as “passive listening.” That means that you’re often learning even when you’re not trying to. If you have English on – even “in the background” – your brain is trying to figure out what is being said even if you’re not concentrating on it.

Learning English Through Movies

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